Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I REALLY do not know, comprehend, understand in any cliched, way, form or shape the sickening puertorican  pride, one of the seven deadly sins.

If puertorican nationals, judging from these pictures had the responsibility of building: Stonehenge, Macchu Pichu, any pyramid, cathedral or whatever, they would have probably fell in pieces, or have not been finished yet as the Gaudi cathedral.

If on the other hand they had built Hoover Dam, it would probably been abandoned since they have not been able to dredge correctly, CARRAIZO, in Trujillo Alto. The  whining and fear of drought is already spreading as a plague. The JERKS have never dredged it. This dam probably collects forty percent of what it should.

In the sidewalk department, concrete was poured, during rain, Even when pipes were previously broken as reported here, the tearing of the concrete goes in the same fashion, with the breaking of another pipe today.

Some fellow island  bloggers question the populace worries about GREEN GAS PIPE, however, I really wonder if the imbeciles surrounding your humble servant could actually build a secure pipe to transport of natural gas. Judging from a sidewalk, juat could any juan expect? It is the empirical vs the theory.

Never mind the environment, no one gives a flying fart down here. After all. only money launderers, tax evaders, politicians for auction, judges for sale run the SHOW down here.

The pictures speak for themselves...I am surrounded by JACKASSES in every cardinal point.



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