Saturday, April 2, 2011


PUERTO RICO  like Hawaii, Alaska, Louisiana, Florida, one half or more of the original Mexico, is part of USA.  The concrete asphalted isle, is in truth, a war bounty after the 1898, 'war' with Spain, our mother for over 400 years. We all know about foster mothers in literature.

This may seem irrelevant, but it is not. Most 'communist' patriot islanders, forget that we are just one more conquest, just like every other Spanish American countries: Chile,  Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Salvador. These are not all that are/were under their paws at one time or another for cheap labor, military bases and resources.
In this sense we are not different at all. Just not a republic or worse, not even a remarkable amount of bananas to deserve the epithet.. Just with the flag and anthem.  I remind you my fuck you is purely


 I used to be a language purist in my early days in college, now, I do not give a flying fart. But allow me to share this anecdote, a few minutes old. Tito Collazo, friend and neighbor just told me a language difficulty he had in a job once while pronouncing fuck you instead of focus, since he is a photographer.  With that I leave you to enter in the matter.  If you dissent at any point, stick to linguistics, language acquisition, communication and meaning. That is all that matters.


  1. That used to be a recurring joke at home. The Ford Foc-Us...
    Puerto Rico, despite the tag, has been a colony since Colon stepped the Island in 1492. In 1898 it was given, as war bounty, to the US. We were a complete colony back then. Enter the Constitution of the ELA in 1952. We are now a colony, but that can still have some voice on things. But still a colony. And a colony it will remain until a majority stops thinking like colonized people.
    Locals love to think of the good old days of the autonomists and how Spain would have let them free. Spain was just practicing the more effective technique of the USA. Create dependency on the system with federal programs and give them citizenship just to please the UN people.
    Spaniards raped and abused indians out of existence, regarded us as a low, uneducated class that could never equal the Metropolis.
    Spain's chains were made of iron abuse, USA's chains are made out of longaniza. As said by the Eagles, 'Feel free to check out any time but you can never leave'.
    It is important to write coherently and correctly. It is a skill lost by this internet obsessed generation. However, writing should be fun, not using obscure language and curse words to sound 'ethnically correct' and academic. That is one of the reasons I prefer english fiction to spanish authors (with a few exceptions).

  2. Longaniza or iron, is fine with me however, this is part one...Later, I expect to get into linguistics, language acquisition, communication and meaning and the English in Puerto Rico exclusively. Everything else in my eyes, ears, is not worth a hog farts...

  3. Antigonum paencima la sentada de puutas se aproxima...Claro seria bueno leer: El concepto de JIBARO en la MUSICA De PUERTO RICO, a meaningfull part of the languistic puzzle in the siquis of the concrete/asphalted islanders, without getting into the negro/mulatto/mongrel/ ethnic perception of USA of other cultures..AMEN.