Tuesday, May 10, 2011


SOME OF YOU may remember the Bouret Street Sidewalks Blues. It does not matter, if you do not. However, if you want, just read the previous post regarding my adventures witnessing a group of seven people constructing sidewalks under the supervision of a very kind engineer.

For the last seven days I had to tolerate this portable latrine, next door.  That is the frontier with my south garden, the abandoned property to our right. It belongs to relatives of the Santana-Garcia, going to classical hereditary conflicts among thirteen people. I know thanks to Squeakee, the ugly beach, wife of the hog, Leonardo Rivera, the pigs to our left whose residence has been portrayed on and off.

The big deal wonders people and populace. Well, I asked with the little left kindness in dealing with people fashion, to an employee, evidently from Central America, to remove it since the stench was unbeareable. --You know what is good for--, the stench, responded the squat one.

I know--responded your humbre servant. One hour later, noticing the cement truck approaching I got close to a fellow with authority figure, asking title and relation to the sidewalk project. Engineer, responded our hero.

I told him that I had requested, pretty please with sugar on top, to the squat one to remove the smelly latrine one hour before and nothing had happened. 15 minutes later the latrine was removed.

Alabalo si podeis.  Bi di guay, so far, they have broken four water meter pipes and me water meter cover. But I am somejuat japi, if you ask me. I had the municipal police phone number ready, before I talked to this intelligent engineer. After all, they had violated principles of respect to private property law.

That is that. From this little token every Caribbean islander and native, would know juat to expect if el GASODUCTO DE LA MUERTE is built. Consider for the epilogue, the level between gutter and asphalt varies between five to twelve inches!  In brief, having good manners and respect like those shown by the engineer, a safe, well constructed sidewalk does not make!

Antigonum, excellent candidate for ZAR of 007 Recursos Naturales, Fideicomiso and Parques Nacionales has written/spoken. Save the bales or Give me librium or give me death.

apagad e iros...

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