Saturday, April 2, 2011


Cumplefeo,  a blogger and English teacher,
recently commented:
"You have no idea how much I suffer having to deal with the student rejection of English in class".  

Well, perhaps the students may not see any point in speaking it, but may be willing to write, read and understand it.  The truth is that no one is comfortable trying to enunciate with precision phonetics differences like: BITCH and BEACH,  sink-think-zoo, vote-boat in front of forty son of retarded son of beaches. These 3 examples shall suffice for you to get me drift. Focus, YOU son of a beach!

The situation would become; the bundle of the shepherds, as the late comedian from the San Juan Star once wrote, among other great idiomatic or literal expressions translations from the Puertorican Spanish. Was it Eddie Garcia?  This little token shows one of the problems with language acquisition in class. 

One thing is evident. English is spoken much more than thirty years ago when I was in college.  The rejection may be worse or the same.
However, the difference between writing, reading as a learning process versus the speaking is too often entangled with politics between statehooders and the others. It is like oil 3 in one. Most people can only deal effectively with the first two.

I was able to read, write, and understand to the best of my capabilities all my life. I assume most people are in the same bag. Speaking, pronouncing adequately and spelling are a total different story.

During my half life exiled in USA between the ARMY, MA and NY,
UMASS, Hunter, Smith College, I was able to deal with different registers of the spoken  English. Blacks, blacks, pales, Tex Mex, in and out of  academic contexts.

One needs a good ear to differentiate long/short vowels for example. Not everyone has the capability to understand and keep in mind those little details constantly, unless you speak/think the language in question night and day.   Why do people need/want to learn a language?  There is nothing more boring than a language class.

In USA and Spain, the average citizen rejects foreign languages. It seems to be a natural thing. But remember reading/writing does not expose anyjuan to ridicule.  Speaking  does.


I do not understand, the rejection ( perhaps there is no point in wondering about it) since people learn what they want. But rejection of English,  is similar to the one caused by math anxiety. That is why I believe  teachers  so proud to teach are pure jerks, since no one can teach anything unless the will, need, urge to learn exists.

People with capability and understanding will learn the pragmatics of a second language. It does not matter if money, career advances, entertainment, traveling, music, movies, literature motivates the user.  What should be done is not to force those who can not and do not want, will not learn.  Offer them another language. 

Perhaps, not being an academic imposition would relax those unable to overcome the fear of sounding stupid in front of forty son of beaches.  There is nothing to lose. 

Except the pleasure of understanding certain songs, enjoying a movie without sub tittles reading Steinbeck, Faulkner, Joyce, Ezra Pound, Poe and so many known and unknowns.  

that is that
I know is not what some expected...
but it is open to debate
my favorite sport
win or lose.

apago i me voy.



  1. Ni inglés, ni español, ni matemáticas, historia, geografía, literatura, ciencias, ni nada. No extraña que los representen los mismos de siempre.

  2. The comment in the middle refers to our isle politics...Not me thing.