Wednesday, April 20, 2011



The cement truck arrived 3 hours after this post.  However, the sidewalk was not finished, even though I saw an employee measuring the distance to calculate how much cement was needed.

Our water meter cover was broken. I had to sweep the street in front of our house to remove sand and cement, spraying afterwards with water to stop some of the dust  after every car drove by.

The people with the broken pipes lighted some candles, prayed, and amazingly, some AAA employees came and fixed the broken pipes around four PM.

Check the layer of asphalt in the picture, FOUR in seven decades. No wonder people had to build ramps to be able to enter. The sidewalk is about six to eight inches lower than the street level.  
Nothing. Puerto Rico does it better!

uSOME CONSIDER my stance harsh, I add unforgiven. I make no exceptions and I had to live somewhere else, no different.  The brain is a tool to use, develop, keeping it in shape.

Dimwits run the world. In the Revolution of the Masses by Jose Ortega i Gasset the issue is pretty clear.  Down here, the fools can not even repair a damn side walk without creating havoc among the families and community in general due to stupidity and lack of vision.

Check the pictures...The workers do not use an hydraulic hammer as one is prone to see anywhere in the world for tearing apart concrete/asphalt. No, god forbid, they use a front loader with the results shown in the pictures.  No water in building 507 until next Monday. Remember, this is the Holy Week.

DO NOT despair FANS AND FOES, instead of a water pipe, it could have been a gas line...In which case your humble servant would probably be off the air for a while, a short or everlasting.

With gas one never knows...

That is that...
From Puerto Rico does it better...
Live the one and only. 

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