Tuesday, May 17, 2011


IF YOU have been around these here pastures you may be aware of the beyond mentally handicapped creatures(787-289-2787 and 787-898-7507) building the Santurce sidewalks. The feeble minded crew and supervisors can not get the job done, correctly and/or on time. Not imported, they are natives.

The intense erosion shown in the photos leave no doubts as to what the residents have to tolerate. Five broken water meters, electrical wires exposed, a two wheeled guy unable to go to school for two weeks and residents risking their health walking close by four feet precipices.

No idea about efficient  labor and labor division. These people probably work 1one hour out of every 3. In the crew of six, two are constantly doing nothing. Particullarly the fat driver and the loader operator. One couldr, could ponder, about the deserved  fame of lazy, useless creatures. The stay home on sunny days and come when it rains, it does not fail. Puertoricans here and in the USA, are notorious for, baile, botella i baraja. This will soon to be confirmed in the New York National PR Parade. If this too harsh for you come down, check it out...

Since pictures are worthy a thousand words, you be the judge. If you are PROUD to belong to a society of mentally retarded incapable of using time efficiently, fine with me. I am not.. I rather be anything else. Take the flag and shove it.

Either the engineer in charge is feeble minded or the supervisor and the employees or the whole bunch. They do not show up when is sunny. It seems they watch the weather report to party on sunny days and come to work when it pours. 

ahora me voy.
Dario apaga la luz..

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