Saturday, January 29, 2011


I got tired of watching some future migrant/unemployed college students in the UPR, unable or refusing to pay some 800 bucks for tuition or whatever.

The whole crap the 800, has become a battle for freedom of expression, repression, police brutality and state terrorism.  Nothing, this people live in a life tunnel, dreaming of the 60's and 70's, acting, living, those fantasies as if they could travel back in time when real social struggles for this or that took place not only here, but every where.

What bother this sniper gardener is that, everybody else willing/unwilling to pay, but knowing they have to pay, have their classes disrupted, worried about the whole trip.

Meanwhile the FBI, captures over 700 hundred people in life insurance fraudulent crimes to Aflac, mostly from cities where the murder rate, heavy weight crime is not high.  A scam of over six million bucks. The  doctor,
signing them false claims is now a witness for the prosecutor. A real wise person. 

Puerto Rico has been a cave of thieves for the last fifty years.  Politicians, architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, public employees, preachers or
family, church and state. 

The sniper shots hit the targets. But not many people are there/here to witness it. 

What is the big deal with college education? These students, on the average, take over six years to graduate.
When they do, if they do, they will have to drive taxis as they do in Cuba, or migrate to USA, in search of a job. 

Puerto Rico does it better, certainly. With a country falling, crumbling into pieces, bankrupt, hopeless and no direction, the pundits, some have blogs, others do not, are concerned about Egypt, torture, or write manifests to protect yourself from tear gas and pepper spray.

But there is nothing to worry about in Puerto Rico, USA. The high murder rate, the patch and pray roads/streets/highways, the money laundering, tax evasion, and now the insurance fraud is consequence of a lack of moral values and or principles. 

Time to go. apaga i vamonoh. 

The footer photo demonstrates guerrilla gardening over concrete. The right seeds
at the right time, better before or after it has rained.  These are in the former San Carlos Hospital, parada 27. They are about 6 months old.  The tall ones are in the process of passing away, but the new generation, tens of them, are coming along.

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  1. El pendejismo debe ser una postal del infierno. No existía hasta que los nativos de McOndo se les ocurrió votar. Hasta los caníbales de tribus que viven en el paleolítico hacen lo que hacen dentro de un marco que respeta la naturaleza y no conduce al exterminio de su especie u otras. Pobre McOndo con su posmodernismo trasnochado y colores Pantone®. Tal vez el canibalismo sería una buena salida. No dudo que lleguemos a eso en la isla que no produce pero consume. Mucho éxito en su campaña botánico-guerrillera. Y me gustan tanto los escritos como las fotos.