Thursday, February 3, 2011


IT is difficult, really, to look and see, to listen, tolerate, the dominant scenery.  I could look the other way or walk around with blindfolds, but it wont work.

          But the show must go on.


I will start from bad to worse. Check the small water leak, this is not the fecal kind. Millions of gallons of fresh water running down sidewalks, streets, gutters for the last five years all over PR does it better. Custom and use for the whole island. One small token for the record.

Sagrado Corazon
street sidewalk repairs.

Believe me not many people walk down or up these.  There is a national problem to determine priorities, like volume of pedestrians.  Another, why repair streets  during working days, disrupting the traffic for people going and coming from work? JERKS. 

SOME may have notice the featuring footer. It is  particularly ugly, ordinary, with dubious aesthetics fountain? 
I wonder if the artist was on crack. It reminds me of illegal water/electricity
takes in so many countries of the world.
A piece of concrete/metal manure.

It is where else? Universidad Sagrado Corazon, pioneers with a black little person on some 360 degrees tv show.
I have other monstrosities in their lobby area, where the illegal cafeteria pollutes with the food stench and daily noises.

Well this is it. The cold bloody murder of aesthetics in Universidad Sagrado Corazon requires no words. Take a look from Not a snow plow going up...Check the ill mowed turf, shitty if you ask me...The incorrect pruned Ixoras and the overwhelming ferns. In this space,  open surrounded by walls, and halls, one should be surrounded by beauty. Metallic or green, dead or living. Instead, one finds the most ridiculous assorted metal scrap or "art" in the San Juan metropolitan area and probably in the whole island. 
That is for the eyes, for your listening entertainment, the water falling from those twisted ugly 'artsie' pipes sound
like what they give the impression to be:
broken leaking water pipes.

One of the most expensive universities of Puerto Rico...Imagine the quality of artists coming out of this environment, not to get into the astronomical tuition fees paid and what they get.  

That is that...

If you love this, got hooked? I got more pictures.
endemismotrasnochado photo archives
Sagrado Corazon the "art" saga.

Under the same tittle...

as an horticultural creative critic I declare
the liberty to express my views regarding this worthless art, except sold
as scrap metal. The editor declares that no personal
interest is behind it. Except showing the world this concrete
asphalt  cave of thieves has no hope or is hopeless..

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