Wednesday, January 26, 2011


ONE of the irritating, intolerable manifestations of the culture of this islanders,  is the absolute arbitrary use of public and private space

I will not get into justifying ALL our problems as a lack of autonomy, colonial relation with USA.  You can take that argument and shove up the ars.

In Puerto Rico any juan, and I mean any juan except TITO TRINIDAD, a black fellow, former boxing champ, fined 200 hundred thousand bucks for doing what Alberto Areces Mallea did in Parque Dona Ines being applauded, his irrational actions,  as  worthy of merit.  Destroying soil, vegetation, flora and fauna. 

Puerto Rico lacks ANY kind of fore sight or ability for the after thought, systematic maintenance.  For example,
when planning a housing project for profit. The cookie mold match box concrete design for house/walk up/condo from architects and engineers, housing developers, leaves no room for future: supermarkets, bodegas, drug stores, barber shops, auto repairs and so forth.

After five years or more, the concrete houses designed for living, are transformed  to everything mentioned above, without any obstacle.  You can bribe any juan and get the permits, or go ahead anyway, there is no accountability.

That is one aspect.  The chaos and anarchy, now explained by our government, church and civic leaders as a lack of moral values and principles is like a multiheaded snake.

In Puerto Rico, individuals, families, corporations do whatever they want, whenever they want and NO one will complaint, or enforce the law.

Check the pictures at right.  On San Agustin street, the proprietor of this residence with a remarkable token of the dominant trend, pendejismo paisajista garden, took the sidewalk for their private use with these ridiculous plastic pots with palms, right across the street from public enemy #1, Universidad Sagrado Corazon..

The next photo shows the other possibility, very popular on the sidewalks of Ponce de Leon avenue,  concrete pots.  No one except your not so humble servant notices them, or that
they are architecture barriers for the blind or people in two wheels.

The reason for the aberration? To stop cars from parking in the sidewalk. Believe it or not...Or in other situations, the owners feel they can add some aesthetics to the surroundings planting whatever in huge pots reducing the sidewalk walking space to one half.

The wildest, like the wild west in westerns, is the public sidewalk becoming a private parking. Coming soon. With a bonus, the street to dump cars, as in a long stay parking lot, forever.

Another example of using private space as you think suitable is Lucy Laborde's front yard dump,  with this pile of debris, growing like a pyramid in her front yard,  so we can enjoy it during the last sixty days.

Dear and not so dear reader, this could become a series. Puerto Rico is like Detroit, Michigan, or worst. The difference from what I read in the media, is that in USA, everybody knows, talk about it....Down here is all 'el espiritu de la alegria boricua' as in that bizarro blog

that is that


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