Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have great difficulties to accept the crumbling of streets, sidewalks, quality of life, increased noise level from any power tools, blowers, trimmers, lawnmowers, loud stereos, loudspeakers in concerts that can be heard perfectly 3 hundred meters away, in a 25 square feet pub, car stereos with regueton, hip hop and house music.  Why can anyjuan listen to regue, ska, jazz, cumbias or even classical and baroque music to name six, with a volume to make your ear drums blow up, as  with the above?

Apparently, that is normal for most people, accepted as a rule of life, at least in Puerto Rico, USA.

Now, grab that chair in the footer, sit down carefully and virtually,(it is falling apart) and look at the pictures to your right.

Start at the bottom, the picture above the Ficus benjamina.   That was the first installation I restored and made, in Lomas Verdes, Bayamon City, circa  2002/2005.

It took some effort, energy and money.  Besides that, it allowed your humble grumpy servant to develop, my fundamentalist like ideas, concepts against lawns, palm trees and hedges. 

ALL of it, the whole destroyed, by illiterate, Rosa from La Espanhola, Kelvin, her son and Papo Munhiz the residents after we left.  Invader mother and son, culprits and Papo, aboriginal, accesory to the botanical crime. 90 species, the inventory  (appears in caribbean botanical review) left to maybe, ten.

It is pertinent to mention that Rengui, the matriarch had collected over sixty percent of the total during her 3 decades in that residence.  I was able to save perhaps ten, in my trend setting landmark garden in Santurce, Nueva Kiskeya.  I can not get all the credit.  Thank god for Rengui. 

NOW, allow me to extrapolate.  This apparently insignificant act of destruction is the rule in the majority of situations down here, my favorite, the barbaric destruction of twelve acres by Alberto Areces Mallea, Phd, Gabriela Ocampo, wife and the incredible cretins from Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin.  They did the same, multiplied by 10 thousand times, considering the front and back size of the yard.

It took the fools above, a couple of days to destroy the whole flora and fauna on the premises, with a huge tractor.  Just like these pictures show, not published, but safe at home.

Some fans and foes believe the situation in the environmental scene, here and there (the world), is not that bad. That the populace overpopulated earth has some chances

Let the record show

That is that.

Apaga i vete.

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