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ALGUNOS lectores que visitan estos pagos recientemente, tal vez no sepan, conozcan los blogs iniciales, este fue uno de ellos.  Upinthebreadfruitree, surge, pensando en esa contundente plena, que interpretaba  Rafael Cortijo. Altocarpus altilis.No es la gran cosa. Recordando lo que me decia algun pendejo, o mamao, que es algo mas dulce, en feisbuk. Que si yo me creia la gran cosa por tener una mierda de jardin.  Otra persona con apellido de lanzadora, en WRTU, que por que me escondia para insultar i ofender o algo parecido.  Nanny Torres del huevo dia, que no contestaba por ser irrespetuoso, al cuestionarle un articulito suyo sobre la cortesia.

Le dije que Mark Twain hacia lo mismo, claro, no me refiero al esconderse sino al usar un nome de plume.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I WAS INVITED to visit a gallery in that dull city mentioned, its ghostown downtown. There were thirty paintings and mixed media at the most, in the well lighted, warm atmosphere, not overwhelming Escute Gallery, congratulations.

When you enter a gallery, museum and anything at eye level gets your
attention, is probably a real piece of shit or something really wonderful! I was fortunate. A still life by some great painter, surely unknown, hit me hard.

It was a group of watermelons (no offense brothers), pumpkins and relatives. What is the big deal about such still life? Wonders the local dissident and fellow readers from f a r away regions.

CRITERIA enters: light, composition, shadows, perspective, size, color, contrasts, grouping, but overwhelmingly evident: TEXTURE, symmetry,
or the opposite, balance, focus and perspective.

These edibles were painted with such care regarding texture that they seemed real. That in painting is judged as good or bad depending on who you ask. That is why those abstract fellows exist, some of which are good
in our creative horticultural critic view.

But lets get to our specialty. Perhaps, some readers, the happy type, complacent, successful or not, finds this blog, irritating, perpetual criticism as a form of resentment or hate towards people, the creators of our environmental kill.

But go back to CRITERIA enters, slowly, the fourth paraghraph. If yours truly can discuss a painting in apparent, seemingly educated fashion, and a garden is JUST like a painting, sorry; you will have to accept that my difficulty accepting the mediocrity, beyond mediocrity regarding gardens, horticultural installations is not a product of resentment or misanthropy.

A garden is just like a blank slate canvas! What you place in it should create an effect on the onlookers, relaxation, wonderment, pleasure,
quiet and peace. To be able to reach this ultimate goal, composition, texture, size, color contrasts, focal points and perspective
MUST be present NOW or LATER. Flowers and fragrance could be added as a bonus.

This virtual garden, some of which one may encounter in so many countries but here, start affecting our energy positively as soon as
you get closer to the entrance, under the shade if it is old, or under the imaginable one if one possess imagination or later, when things grow, as
time goes by. I have not felt that here, and it gets worse.

As time goes by, my feeling, frustration, is how come so many blind idiots work, are in charge of nurseries, maintenance and installations of every public/private space in Puerto Rico/Concreteasphalt isle?

For that reason when I want to feel those
sensations mentioned in the paraghraph above, I visit some gardens in the internet or step out of my kitchen in our backyard. There I recharge
the batteries to share my views with you virtual reader. Happy camper or not.


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