Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently, this ball player into some hall of fame, declared that all his heroics were done with his country in mind, this one.  I have plenty of reasons to be proud of myself, none have to do with a geographical accident. It is ridiculous.

With the arrival of the 'summer' as if Puerto Rico  this was some little spot below the Equator, an  ugly insurmountable, irreversible problem  opens its wings and fly. OVERPOPULATION.

There is so much people you can fit in a telephone cabin, the same goes for an island 100 X 35, or bigger, as some idiot bothered to prove, as if a couple of miles here or there made any difference in population density wise.

Of the 4 million living here, all but four or five, (including me) decide to go to the beach. North, south, west or east. The traffic jams, pollution and noise are impressive in the way in or out.  Impressive and stupid if you ask me.

Once they arrive to their sunny or shady spot, about five people per every ten feet, they eat and drink like there is no tomorrow. The amount of trash cans is not enough for its production.  It overfills them in a couple of hours, landing on the sand and salty waters of the Caribbean or Atlantic, in bags or without. Plastic, aluminum, paper, you name it.

Later, the next day, or weeks on end,  Civic Ladies and  associates, call and complain to government agencies, television, radio and newspapers about the NOISE, CROWDS and GARBAGE spilled over the sand or in the water. 

NO juan ever complains about the fecal matter in the ocean or sea, animals without leashes defecating and urinating, as a result, a couple of skin deceases will certainly keep you company after your outing by the beach.

How can people hang out in beaches without hygienic toilets? Or no toilets? How can anyjuan be proud about public toilets in public beaches in Puerto Rico? Not to get into those in public schools, an national shame.

I do not care about garbage. What is important about beaches is what you do not see, can not avoid, diseases in sand and water.

Only a buffoon, if you ask, will constantly complain about a problem that has nothing to do with civility and manners. The only way to solve it,  once in a while, is providing a waiter, valet like, garbage collecting service to the beach customers.  A tip would be advisable.

Other than that,  an overcrowded island can not solve a problem that is part of its essence and way of life, a snake in a circle grabbing its tail.  Being gregarious, with 'the happiness of boricua living' promoted in depuertorricopallmundo has its consequences.

that is that

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