Thursday, July 21, 2011


My short career in organized basketball started in Savarona, Caguas Basketball Mecca*, when I was 15. A little late, lacking dribbling skills which truncated my possibilities. However, I was fortunate to be coached by a gentleman and dentist, Dr. Hector Davila. A strict disciplinarian
imposing team spirit, respect to referees,  and playing as a group.

The experience is significant. Being a misanthropist since that early stage in me life, basketball is the ONLY thing I enjoy doing as a group, besides playing music.

To keep  it in perspective, in those years, thanks to Dr. Davila, Goldfinger and another gentleman accountant whose name escapes me memory they were able to create the Caguas Criollos basketball franchise

Ricky Calzada, Canciobello and others were important players int the beginning of that somewhat shitty team.

Bayamon with Ruben Rodriguez, Ruben Montanhez, Tito Ortiz, Billy Baum and and Alberto Zamot were some of the players I remember watching and hating with all me heart since every time they played against Caguas they whipped their asses with all the arrogance imaginable. Me cago en la madre que los pario.

Once I visited la Pepin Cestero, the Cowboys home court. Since the fans were violent savages, as in the west, it was like a chicken coop with cyclone fence all around it. It was a frightening experience, that night, among them savages famous for beating the crap out of the opposing team fans.  They won. I still remember.

Quebradillas with Richard Dalmau and Neftali Rivera on the other hand committed the same abuses, without so much arrogance. Perhaps for that reason, I did like them.. 

Richard Harris,  Phil Jackson  and  Eric Geldhart were managers here who later became well known in NBA quarters, years later...Calvin Pacheco was one of the best referees.

Jimmy Thordsen, Mickey Coll, with a short career, Hector Blondet, Teo Cruz and Bill Mcadney?, remarkable stars in their teams.  Some of the worst? Sammy Betancourt, our national coach, his brother and from San Lorenzo, Changui Diaz.  From my humble perspective.

Now that they are about to finish this league championship I found pertinent to share me basketball memories with fans and foes.

Bai di guay, the uniforms then, were not influenced by the ghetto and black street ball as nowadays. Today uniforms are  are more appropriate for pijamas...Not to get into the racing car driver uniforms similarity with tens of advertisements, or all those ugly stickers in the playing courts. Another thing, basketball players nowadays carry the ball constantly. The brute force is impressive, not as in the past. Almost forgot. The DIRTIEST player? JOE HATTON.

I feel sorry for Beato and the Confused Cuckold. Bayamon will not pass. Tonight is the Pirates Night.

that is that

* Savarona, since the 80's became another
Santurce, invaded in every cardinal point 
from the WEST island.

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  1. I'm not following the series but Bayamon sucked seriously on the last game. I rather watch the finale for Copa America over the weekend.
    I was a Quebradillas fan back in the old glory days...