Monday, December 19, 2011


ONCE one has pondered the possibilities, of having some quiet, to figure out new ways to approach the problem, only becoming some wild Norwegian in the deans office may solve it.  I decided to share with the readers all the tokens of  noise, crowding and pollution caused by expensive and over rated Universidad Sagrado Corazon en Santurce, parada 27. 

All the links have been created during 2011, most were sent to the dean, president,  building and ground staff and attorneys of the institution.

I have tried to deal with their attitude, impunity,  public nuisance: complaints with Department of Health for the food stench in our backyard from the illegal FAZAAD cafeteria, in Baralt, 75 meters from our kitchen.

With the Environmental Quality Board and the Ombudsman office, for the noise from the air conditioner feeders. An unbearable grinding, humming noise that can be heard 200 hundred meters around, in addition to air conditioners and refrigeration motors night and day.

Below, all the links in youtube, covering the whole picture of night and day harassment and impunity, polluting air with fumes, food stench and noise, from this expensive, abusive and over rated university:

Morning and evening daily rush hour traffic jam in our community:

Teachers and students hollering as if hearing impaired:

Air conditioners feeders:

Swimming pool filters by Harry Robles residence:


Fazaad illegal cafeteria delivery and garbage truck daily activity:

Universidad Sagrado Corazon has set trends with noise and pollution levels as demonstrated above, the noise and pollution with trimmers and such not included.
In promotion and advertisement with a black dwarf or little person as mascot with hyper activity in their 360 tele show, pioneers also..

that is that

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