Tuesday, June 14, 2011


LOLA, an obscure  volunteer 'teacher' collaborator with the white collar criminals in the Luis Munhoz Marin Plantation, and its branch, money laundering Parque Donha Ines, hah the insolence of making criticisms against yours truly.

This Lola wrote to ONCE AGAIN (everyjuan is stuck with spelling/grammar/composition/style), complain about ten spelling mistakes in me botanical inventory.  However, at least I HAVE one Parque Donha Ines after spending 8 million dollars from public/private funds  during the last decade, does not!  In addition, my collection is not funded by anyjuan, nor I go begging and/or money launder.

Lola is related to cult members of La Chiguingua, me spelling.
These Chiguingueros invited ecological criminal (I got the photos) Alberto Areces Mallea, for some conference, about his
perfect robbery, in Trujillo Alto.

When your dear humbleness demanded equal time through email, to speak me piece,  one of them fair commerce cult member replicated: Oh, we decide together how/when of the agenda. As if anyjuan cared about them, 20 or thirty freaks.

Another of LOLA'S hyper intelligent arguments is me being superficial. Well darling, a blog is a blog, not a dissertation for a phd/masters.  I have reference books/photos/trajectory to search/attack/destroy those that you bothered defending: Mallea and Pablito.  Not to mention a GARDEN, the most documented in the Caribbean, until evidence of another surfaces.

I erased the comments, when I checked her profile, there is none. Since Lola is a dunce buffoonete, I decided to share this words of wisdom with fans and foes.

Your humbleness a mock craftsman still waits for some criticism worthy of admiration. I know my faults. Nevertheless, no juan should bother drop  by me feuds just for that. If you write a botanical name in search the system will suggest the correct one, imbecile. The problem is to find a solution with any  problem with a plant without it. Jerkette.

Keep on trucking
that is that
ke mento
mento san


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