Sunday, June 12, 2011


I IMAGINE some of my loyal fans and foes were missing my takes on this repugnant culture in 'the paradise' and 'enchanted island'. Well I am not mellowing that much.

It is that I am into the painting/restoration of the concrete pavement in the south garden, and exercising my new dash in the resume micro short film auteur...A Kubrik, Kurosawa in cotton pampers if I may...

If you want to check it out go to youtube under: Primera obra del cineasta Antigonum Cajan. Out of the 23 maybe five will guarantee immortality, at least down these here coastal waters.

Que te paso Puerto Rico? With Roberto Sierra's background music is one of them. I got the chance to work/meet him during my time as radio board control operator in WRTU-FM.
Mr. Sierra has been the most important conservatory like music composer for the last thirty years, in my opinion. If there is other, share it.

Well the pictures speak for themselves. Sometimes I refuse to leave the house. There is so many ugly, fat, loud people, garbage, and so forth it is not healthy. 

that is that
Dario apaga la luh..

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