Friday, December 31, 2010


For a long time, I have been trying to understand the irritability caused by my surroundings and its people.  Slowly but sure, I am getting there with a discovery
leading to a dead end. It is not me, it is them.

Months ago, while reading one of our great newspapers (for compost),  the isle the Bank Commissioner, the ones ruling them speculators mostly into money laundering, put all the blame, in the hands of  housing developers or construction industry if you prefer, with screwing up the banking system, regarding mortgages and foreclosures!

Yesterday, while reading an article by Joanisabel Gonzalez, El Nuevo Dia, 23 December, page 48, Bussiness Section, Hans Moll, Home Builders Association president and accomplices Adolfo Gonzalez and Rafael Rojo blame others likewise for their stupidity and avarice.

One of the reasons given to justify their innocence? ''To sophisticate the product, European style kitchens, increasing the construction costs".  The most amusing?
''The government impulse of vertical housing in urban centers. Even if it is  adequate for urban development, it is a rigid model of development, with little room to make changes. This requires a very different way of business management in terms of costs and cash flow applied to walk ups."

Now, the appraisals were inflated, housing developers have no credibility and the banks are not willing to loan money as they used to.  In consequence, over 20,000 vertical and horizontal concrete matchboxes are there in  inventory.

The destruction of Puerto Rico is a result of politicians,  bankers, architects, engineers, attorneys, mortgage originators and housing developers blinded by their wild money hunger.

I understand avarice, but refuse to tolerate stupid people with adolescent minds incapable of accepting their responsibility for their infantile actions and justification.

I am innocent, the guilt is always somewhere else. Nothing and nothingness...Puertorikenhadasinmostaza.

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